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Ladies who sell and/or love Mary Kay
Okay this is everything I have. I am selling everything for what… 
21st-Apr-2008 05:50 pm
Personal; Me: Kisses for my bitches

Okay this is everything I have. I am selling everything for what it goes for at the site, or a trade for something on my wishlist (See bottom), and everything is negotiable! All of the prices that are listed include shipping, unless of course we negotiate. I will combine shipping on orders of 2 or more product. I will tell you your total when you comment that you want something. I will send product out when I recieve payment. The only payment I will accept is money orders. All product will come in a mary kay bag (the kind you get when you order from someone.) Please also understand that this is brand new product, meaning it has never been used, or taken out of the box it came in. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!!

I have 2 Timewise visably fit body lotion. $27.00 each.

I have 3 medium cover foundations in beige 300. 2 in ivory 204. 3 in ivory 200. 3 in beige 304. 1 in beige402. 1 in ivory 202. 1 in ivory 104. 1 in ivory 100. 1 in ivory 105. $17.00 each. click here to find your right shade!

I have 5 acne treatment gel. $10.00 each.

I have 4 age fighting eye cream. $29.00 each.

I have 8 empty custom compacts. The compact holds three eye colors, one cheek color and lipstick, plus eye and cheek color applicators. It also has a mirror. $19.00 each.

I have 7 endless perfmormance mascara - black, and 1 in brown. $18.00 each.

I have 3 eyesicles eye color in pink frost, and 1 in island bronze. $13.00 each.

I have 2 cheek color duets in gold canyon, and 1 island spice. $13.00 each.

I have 2 lip liners in chocolate. 1 in dark berry. 1 in dusty pink. 1 in neutral. 1 in dark red. 1 in burgundy. 1 in metallic. And 1 in berry. $13.00 each.

I have 1 brow liner in blonde. $13.00 each.

I have 2 eye liners in sable, and 1 in charcoal. $13.00 each.

I have 1 liquid eyeliner in black. $14.00 each.

I have 1 waterproof mascara in brown. $13.00 each.
I have 1 flawless perfection mascara in black. 1 in brown. $18.00 each.

I have 1 1 cheek color in apricot breeze. 1 in brick. 1 in pink lemonade. 1 in sunny spice. $13.00 each.

I have 1 dual coverage powder foundation in ivory 100. 1 in beige 300. 1 in ivory 104. 1 ivory 200. 1 in beige 400. $17.00 each.

I have 2 color compacts. This refillable compact holds two MK Signature® Eye Colors or one MK Signature® Cheek Color, plus applicator. $11.00 each.

I have 1 loose powder in ivory. $17.00 each.

I have 1 lipgloss in beach bronze. The color swipe to the left is the actual color. $17.00 each.

I have 2 eye colors in cinnabar. 2 in jade. 2 in blue moon. 2 in hazelnut. 2 in gold leaf. 2 in lucky penny. 1 each of the following shades: bamboo, rainforest, sheer pink, safari sunset, crystaline, onyx, tooti fruiti, woodland, white sand, and tropical sun. $8.00 each.

I have 1 day solution. $33.00 each.

I have 2 3-in-1 cleanser bars. $21.00 each.

I have 1 private spa body lotion in happiness. I have 1 in harmony. $22.00 each.

I have 1 private spa body wash in dreams. $22.00 each.

I have 1 sun essentials sun block. $13.00 each.

I have 1 satin hands buffing cream. $13.00 each

I have 1 satin hands cleansing gel. #13.00 each

I have 2 clear bags. They are not fancy in any way. $7.00 each.

and finally,

I have 1 large black roll up bag with magenta interior. This is the coolest bag ever. It hold everything you'll need in the bathroom. It holds your makeup, makeup remover, shave gel/lotion, razors, and anything else you could need in the bathroom. It has a hanger on it, so you can store it on the back of your bathroom door with ease. But, when you travel, it rolls up, and you can take it along! I love mine! When I was selling the product, I could give it away when a customer spent a certain amount of money. But, I'd rather just sell it. $35.00

-MAC pigments (If you have any up for trade/sale, let me know and I'll take a look)
-MAC lip glosses and lip glass.
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